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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) In St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Palm Coast


Frequently Asked Question

Can I Sell My Home Without a Realtor?

Can it be done, Sure!  Is it a Smart idea, No.  According to the data and, with the assistance of a professional real estate agent will garner you a higher profit, enough to cover the commission as well as put more money in your pocket. 

Is the Deck Stacked Against Me?

Most Sellers don’t realize that Real Estate Brokers and Florida Law require an Agent to have A FSBO Seller sign 2 documents before their buyer walks through your door.  Why would a Realtor take time to get a FSBO to sign 2 documents when there are so many Easier Alternatives?  

Should I pay 6% to a Realtor?

Every Realtor in the Country would say YES to this questions.  Here is what I recommend you consider…If you were a real estate agent and your client likes 2 homes: 1 home offered a 2.5% commission and the other home offered a 3% commission.  What home would you try to sell your client?  Most people would say the one the client likes or they would say real estate agents are held to higher standards.   But what do you think most agents would do or what would you do?

Main Reasons Most FSBO Fail?

Lack of Exposure, Marketing, and Price Strategy.  Lets be honest, no one wants to pay $10-$20,000 to sell their home.  Not even me!  The reality is, find a Great Realtor that knows how to Save money to offset the commission fee.  We would love to help you Sell your Home & We will Be Fair & Honest. 

Legal Ramifications?

After spending a year in law school and hating it!  I left law school to start this real estate business. With that said, I know alot about contract law and property law.  More than I’d care to type about here tonight.

If a FSBO messes up the paperwork, fails to disclose, etc, etc, etc….You might find yourself in Court and that is going to cost you way more than the commission your will pay a Realtor.  Guaranteed!  I’ve read enough case law to make us both tired and sick to our stomachs.

Do You Use A Law Firm To Close?

Tanya and I use my law School property professor to do our closings.  This professor made a “C” in Property Law feel like a Congressional Medal of Honor.  I Trust her and she is well Respected in the North-East Florida Area.  Plus, she’s just genuinely an Awesome Person.  If you utilize our Real Estate Business than you will get to meet Professor N.

P.S. If it wasn’t for her, I’d never be typing this blog post.  I’d probably be bored to death in some terrible law office chasing ambulances…lol

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