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Only $700 To Close On $240,000 Home

SONY DSC Does It Again & The Buyer Only Pays $700 To Close on a $240,000 Home. 

Lloyd, his wife, and 2 boys are Awesome! Their purchase is one of our best deals to date because they closed on a $240,000 home by only paying $700 out of pocket for closing. Also, we scored them a 4% VA Mortgage. The Closing Attorney told them, “we don’t see deals this good anymore”. 

What set us apart from other Realtors in North-East Florida? We take PRIDE in saving our clients’ money even though saving the client cost the Realtor money in commission. We are EXTREMELY comfortable with taking less of a commission to help our clients save $$$$$ and build wealth.

We are Premier Zillow & KW St. Augustine Realtors. You can contact the Dream Team at 904-439-9842 or email us at

P.S. This is a resale home, not new construction.

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